I know I am too old to be getting excited for toys, but I feel like this toy has been the hot toy for a couple of years now.

Yes, Furby once again is the hot holiday toy for 2013. I know I am as shocked as you are. I believe this was the hot toy last year as well and I could not believe these things have made such a big comeback. I remember when they came out in 1998, I had one and it was a pretty cool toy. Then in 2005 Furby's got hot again and I could not believe it.

Fifteen years since these toys made a huge impact on the holiday season, they are still expected to sell huge. The new thing with these Furby's however is the Furby Boom app. Which is your Furby, with the power of an Android or iPad app can have up to fifty babies. Trying to take care of one of these things back in the day was torturous enough. Now you want me to take care of fifty virtual ones, along with the actual Furby. This sounds like parents are going to love all of the Furby's feeding schedules.

Check Out the New Furby Boom Below: