Well there's a new internet sensation out there sweeping the nation. So what is it this time? No planking isn't making a comeback and it seems the Gangnam Style craze is dying down , this time it's a little dance called the Harlem Shake. Never heard of it? I don't blame you.

The videos feature people dancing for the first thirty seconds of a song called "Harlem Shake," released last year by an artist named Baauer, and it usually features one person dancing in a room filled with a bunch of people. Then halfway thru the video everyone starts dancing spontaneously. The trend all started with the first video below but has since spread to include all kinds of people dancing including sport teams, the military, a Pepsi commercial, girls in thongs and even one video of a bunch of naked porn stars dancing, it had to happen right? Sadly that video isn't below but you can check out the ten funniest Harlem Shake videos that have popped up on Youtube in my opinion. If you're left crazing more just Youtube Harlem Shake. It feels like you could never watch all of them there's so many.