Being a parent, there are a million things that you hope your children never, ever, ever say to you, especially if you have a daughter.

Most of those phrases only need four words to get their point across. So here's your challenge Buzzhead, what four words could you say to your parents that would completely devastate them?

Let us know what you came up with in the comment section below and check out some of the best ones people have come up with so far.

And if you want to take this to the next level, try texting your parents one of these phrases and see how they respond. That should provide some interesting conversation.

- "I'm moving back in."

- "The nursing home called."

- "I read Mom's diary."

- "I did my sister."

- "I'm majoring in art."

- "Guess what?  You're grandparents."

- "I voted for Obama."

- "I started doing porn."

- "Can't wait for inheritance."

- "I just tried anal!"

- "Yes, he's African-American."

- "Guess what I pierced."

- "Where's the nearest clinic?"

- "Don't get mad, but..."

- "That's just dried sunscreen."

- "I WAS a virgin."

- "Look at my tattoo."

- "Your way was wrong."

- "I'm moving to California."