In what seemed like an impossibility at one time, Carcass will grace us with their first new album in almost two decades when Surgical Steel arrives September 17.

Few bands have a legacy as rich as that of Carcass and the band were careful not to tarnish their legacy by putting out an album that didn't live up to the standard of their back catalog. Because of that, Carcass had no intention of writing new music when they reunited back in 2007 but lucky for us, the guys changed their collective mind when the time felt right.

Here we are over six years since Carcass decided it was time to reclaim their spot among the Death Metal elite and as we near the release of the new album, vocalist / bassist / lyricist extraordinaire Jeff Walker joined me via phone for last week's (8/24) edition of the Oath to talk about the disc, the upcoming tour, recording digitally for the first time and more. Listen to our chat below.

Jeff Walker - Carcass Interview Part I

Jeff Walker - Carcass Interview Part II