Here's one of those classic moments that come along once in a blue moon and more often than not living here in Wichita Falls means you weren't there for it. But hey - at least you've got the interwebs to fill you in on everything you've ever missed out on.

Folks in New York were treated to a Metal Masters Clinic back in September in which Phil Anselmo of Down took the stage with Adrenaline Mob's Mike Portnoy, Kerry King of Slayer and Anthrax members Charlie Benante, Scott Ian and Frank Bello for a version of Pantera's "F*cking Hostile" and they totally upped the ante during the Metal Masters Clinic yesterday in L.A. Those same guys were joined by the legendary Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Dave Ellefson and Chris Broderick of Megadeth and Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo for an ass-whoopin' version of my favorite Sabbath song "Hole in the Sky" and as is usually the case I'm green with envy.