Guns N' Roses are teasing the hell out of me right now, but I don't care because I'm obviously a glutton for punishment. I realize the chances of the original lineup reuniting are slim-to-none but I'm holding on to what little hope I have.

The GN'R nostalgia trip recently intensified with the announcement that Duff McKagan would be joining the band onstage at tomorrow night's Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles. His first performance in the U.S. with the band in years and first since the band's recent shows in Brazil.

I can't help but wonder if this will lead to Duff rejoining the band permanently. There's no doubt it would give the current lineup more credibility if he did, but you and I both know that Slash, at the very least, would have to reunite with Guns N' Roses before most fans would go all-in.

For now, all we can do is hope that at some point Duff will get Axl and Slash together and history will once again be made. In the meantime, watch the above clip from their performance in Fortaleza, Brazil and keep your fingers crossed.