Zane Ewing is a self-proclaimed 'true BuzzHead' (and we love him for it) who spends his spare time listening to rock and playing guitar. Coincidentally, that's what yours truly does when I have a little downtime so you know I gotta give him a shout-out for taking the time to video himself jammin' Chevelle's 'Send the Pain Below'.

In the description for the video he admits that the music is a little off and he doesn't have the time to tape the perfect take but hey, it ain't bad and like a true BuzzHead he responded appropriately when a commenter pointed that out to him.

If you've got the chops and wanna video yourself layin' it down send it our way, we'd love to see it. And if you need a Buzz shirt to rock while you're doing it, we can most certainly hook you up!