Most people don't get into brutal music but for those of us who are into it, there's nothing like the power of well executed technical death metal. When done right, blast sections give me goosebumps. There's just something about the power and intensity of the wall of sound that blasting creates that consumes me.

And few would argue with me when I say Origin are one of the best in the genre. While brutality is what they do best, they know how to dial it down just enough to create space within the song and bring the listener in that much more.

In addition to being a fan of heavy music, I'm also a bleeding heart - not so much a liberal, but I kinda feel other people's joy and pain. So as I watched this video of the blind Origin fan stage diving, I couldn't help but feel good for the guy. You can tell just how consumed he is with the music and the moment and that's what going to a show is all about...whether you're in the pit or standing in the back admiring the musicianship.