The Dallas Cowboys have the Monday Night Football game for this week, so I am having to wait an extra 24 hours for football. It is all good though because the Redskins are giving up on the season and so are the fans.

Before Sundays game the Redskins had the third best attendance average behind the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. They averaged 80,184 fans per game. Now the Redskins after the loss on Sunday are 3-10 and it was raining, snowing and cold. So many fans did not attend the game. Still, from what I saw fans in Baltimore and Philadelphia were able to attend their game. Well the announced attendance for Sunday's game was 56,247. The lowest attendance for a regular season Redskins game in FedEx Field history.

To make things worse for the Redskins, they were losing 38-10 at the half. Many say the attendance was cut in half at this point with fans going home. As a Cowboys fan I will never feel sorry for Redskins. If the Cowboys went 0-15 next year and you told me you had tickets to the final game I would be going no matter what. I am a fan no matter the circumstances, not just when we are doing good and the weather is warm.