Annie Hawkins-Turner, otherwise known as “Norma Stitz,” is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest natural breasts. At a size 102 ZZZ, they’ll make you watch in awe yet cringe in horror at the same time.

Depending upon the video you watch, you may hear that each breast weighs 54 pounds and up to 86 pounds. Either way, that’s a whole lot of boobage. It’s a motorboater’s dream.

As a woman, however, I can’t help but wonder about the back problems and pain that she must live with every day. Clearly they aren’t supported well, which means they probably don’t feel great flopping around. Hawkins-Turner also admits that she’s accidentally zipped them in her jeans in the past, and she honks her horn every time she gets in her car.

The love puppies have gained her a lot of attention, however, so I’m betting there aren’t any plans to get rid of them any time soon.

What do you think, Buzzheads? Are these sexy or scary?