According to Volbeat's official website, the band has parted ways with guitarist Thomas Bredahl. Here's the official statement from the band:

Volbeat has decided to part ways with Thomas Bredahl. Being in a band is in many ways similar to a marriage with ups and downs. At times you can work it out and sometimes you need to go separate ways... We want to thank him for the work he has put in for Volbeat and we wish him all the best in the future. Volbeat will play all shows as announced, either as a trio or with a replacement guitarist. Right now we’ll take a well deserved break and we will be back on the road in January, ready to rock the Gigantour and Wacken.

So there ya go. Sucks to hear - especially for Thomas since the band appears to just now be taking off in a big way here in the U.S. and he'll be missing out on a couple of killer tours.

I'm curious as to who'll fill on for him though, so you know I'll keep an eye out for any info and pass it right on along to ya.