Just in case you didn't know, college football started this weekend. Now I like the NFL but there's always something special about college football. Maybe it's because there is such a wide variety of teams that stretch across the nation or the fact that these players are busting their ass to make it to the next level, either way college football is surely amazing in its own right.

So after all of the plays that happened this week, here is my favorite. It was the first quarter between the Villanova Wildcats and the Boston College Eagles, the Wildcats were prepared to punt the ball but decided to fake the play, which ended up working in their favor. The fake was so great that not only did the Eagles not see where the ball went, the camera crew almost missed it too. The Wildcats used the 47-yard touchdown to grab a 7-0 point lead but in the end not even a fake punt could help them as they fell 24-14. But hey, it was still an awesome play.