Hey Buzzhead, want to see the coolest catch you may ever see? Well look no further. Last night the Indianapolis Colts took on the New York Giants in their second preseason game of the year, and while it may be the preseason, there was no lack of effort from the Colts' starters, especially starting wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

The video game like play began in the final minutes of the first quarter with the Colts trailing 3-0. Quarterback Andrew Luck hiked the ball and the Giants defense immediately began to bring the heat. Luck looked for Wayne and throws to him in the end zone. The only problem seemed to be that Luck threw the ball about five yards short. So Giants' cornerback Aaron Ross made a move on the ball, but is unable to bring it in, so the ball bounces off of him and back into the air. This is where things get crazy. Veteran receiver Wayne tips the ball, sending it further into the end zone, turns around, and dives for the catch. So did he catch it? Well you'll just have to check out the video.