The Toadies wrapped up the sixth edition of Dia De Los Toadies last weekend at Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth and frontman Vaden Todd Lewis hit me up on the BuzzLine for the occasion.

The band released their latest album, Play. Rock. Music., just over a year ago. The disc is a testament to the more-rock-than-alternative nature of the Toadies versus most of their 90's rock peers and features instant classics like 'Rattler's Revival' and 'Summer of the Strange'. And while the disc received mostly positive reviews, like every post-Rubberneck release, it pretty much flew under the radar.

Being a fan of the Toadies, I seized the opportunity to pick Todd's brain about not only the new album and festival, but his support of Texas music, the notoriously dark nature of his songwriting, why the hell the record label wouldn't accept Feeler, the follow-up to the platinum selling Rubberneck, and a lot more. Listen to our conversation below.