USA Today is reporting that the U.S. stink bug population is exploding and has spread to eight new states. So far the bugs are a a problem on both coasts of the U.S., worst in the Mid-Atlantic states and curiously skipping the central U.S. Here's some of what you're missing:

Stink bugs are named for the pungent smell they emit when frightened, disturbed or squashed. "They have glands that produce a defensive compound, which has a strong odor that repels predators," (USDA Research Entomologist Kim) Hoelmer says. "It makes them particularly obnoxious."

So how do you get rid of stink bugs? Authorities are looking to a tiny wasp that feeds on stink bug eggs. The cool thing they've found is that the wasp apparently dies out and/or does not reproduce when there are no stink bug eggs to eat. So, for those of you who complain of feed lot smells every now an then, remember you at least get a tasty hamburger out of the deal. With the stink bugs you get stink, and bugs.

Here's more info on stink bugs from Penn State.