I would say most people catch all of their music videos online now and a few guys are trying out something new that could change how we think of music videos.

Remember we had a television station that would play music videos and keep us updated on our music news. I can't believe MTV still has the balls to call itself music television with all of the terrible reality television they put on. I pretty much watch all of my music videos online now and some people are trying some cool stuff out.

The first is an electronica band called George and Jonathan III and it is actually their entire album on this website. So while the music is going on you have some awesome animations that correspond with the music. You can also drag the screen around to check out some different angles. The only song you can't do it in, is the third track "Puppy Love" that one is just a little cartoon.

The other interactive music video comes to us from the electronica band Plaid. Once the Tether logo is fully loaded start clicking it to get the music video started. You can click or drag your mouse across the screen to make some cool designs. Also when you do this it slows down the music and you can make it some cool changes.

Could this be the future of music videos? I think its a cool idea and I could see myself spending hours playing with this stuff. I am sure I have already spent too much time playing around with these music videos, time to get some work done.