The Dallas Cowboys kick off the season Sunday night against the New York Giants. Check out what Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson think of the upcoming season.

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson joined Troy Aikman, John Lynch and Randy Moss for a Wednesday conference call to kickoff the 2013 NFL season on FOX. Here's Johnson's response: "For the last three or four years I've kind of gone out on a limb, saying that the Cowboys were going to go deep into the playoffs. And I've been sincere with it.

I felt that way. But like a lot of fans, I've been disappointed the last few years.I think they have the front-line talent. I think the problem they have is going to be depth on their football team, and injuries. If their front line talent can stay healthy, just like a couple years ago with DeMarco Murray, his injury obviously really hurt the football team.

"I think if they stay healthy, I think they can make a run at it. Right now, I think that division is up for grabs. I think Washington, the Giants and the Cowboys, any one of the three could win it. But I don't think the division overall is as strong as what it's been in past years. I think it's up for grabs."

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Here's Aikman's response:

"Going into the season, within the division, I think each one of those teams certainly has question marks, health being a factor for all four teams.

"As it relates to Dallas, yeah, I could see them winning 10 games this year, I could see them winning six games this year. That's probably true for a lot of teams as you look at them, regardless of the division that they're in. Dallas, the problems they've had, they have not been good up front on the offensive line. They have not protected their quarterback very well. Their defense has not played to the level that has certainly been expected. They've changed their scheme this year and gone to the 4-3 defense.

"Monte Kiffin coming in, there was some skepticism, I guess, when that hire was made. But through the preseason, that group has been doing the things that they hired him to come in and be able to do, stop people in the red zone and create takeaways. Rod Marinelli getting that group playing.

"They've got some pieces. But they got to stay healthy and they got to keep their quarterback upright. DeMarco Murray is a guy who can run the ball well if he's given a chance if he can stay healthy. There's a lot of those types of question marks I think for the Cowboys as well as each of these other teams that are within the NFC East."

As a huge Dallas Cowboys fan I have this team in the playoffs, unfortunately I do not have them winning the NFC East. The way the schedule looks, I have the Dallas Cowboys getting one of the wild card spots this year. I just cant wait for Sunday to watch my boys whoop on the Giants. If that does not happen, Monday is going to suck.