If you missed it, then what the crap were you doing!  Twicebroken, one of our local bands on a quick rise to the big leagues, was on Homebrew last Sunday with me, Joshua David.  Most of the band was there:  Aaron Mullins/lead vocals & keys, Ricci "T-Rex" Amador/drums, Nick Knowles/Bass (endorsed by Spectar) and Bryan Crowe/guitar & vocals.  Darren Davis/lead guitar wasn't able to make it to the studio, but we still made a good time of it as recorded visually by the "Awesomist-All-Bow-Down-To-The Master" photographer Jessica Wood (J'Swo) of J Wood Photography

The band came in with some fresh ink, insane energy and tons of "your mom" jokes. ***Caution:  be ready if you dare to go head-to-head with lead singer Aaron on mom jokes...he has mad skillz***  The band had a busy year last year dropping their first album and taking second place out of 600 bands in The Hard Rock Casino's Battle of The Bands in Las Vegas.  The high energy rockers have been busy with gigs all over Texas ever since , and I got a chance to see them at Old Town last Friday.  The guys advertise high energy, great rock and an awesome live show without disappointing.  With a mix of the band's original songs and some awesome cover songs,  the band seems to never show sign of being tired as they jam throughout the night.

In the interview, there was excitement over some hush-hush future big news that the band would not divulge during the interview other than to tell everyone to keep checking Facebook for a huge announcement in the next month or two.  They already scored a song on the movie "Sick Boy" due out later this year .  New songs have been recorded with a hint of being mass produced for the fan base as soon as possible.  Bottom line:  these boys are a rising band to be reckoned with and definitely heard, live if possible!

The guys can be followed on tons of websites but you can always find them on Facebook or through a google.com search.  I included some links to get some information on these guys:

Twicebroken on Reverb Nation

Twicebroken Facebook page

Twicebroken on YouTube

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