With over 9 million views on YouTube, the Twerking fail video of a girl crashing through a coffee table and setting her yoga pants on fire has been revealed to be a hoax created by late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Earlier tonight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live", Kimmel secured the first interview with Caitlin Heller, the young woman in the video.  Speaking to her through video chat, Kimmel questioned Caitlin about the current state of her yoga pants, why she loaded the video to the internet, and why the video cuts off so quickly.  Caitlin then offers to show the full video, to which Kimmel responds by walking through the curtain and sitting next to Caitlin at the computer, quickly revealing that there's more here than we know.  The video progresses as we've seen, coming to the flamey conclusion, only to continue with Jimmy Kimmel entering the shot and saving the day.

After the conclusion of the video and the full reveal that "Caitlin" was on a set backstage, she reveals herself to be a professional stunt woman named Daffney Avalon, who was sworn to secrecy by Kimmel in order to pull off the greatest internet prank of all time.  Kimmel then shows a montage of the many news sources, including various local news outlets as well as "The View", who picked up this video and ran with it believing it was legit.

Jimmy Kimmel, you sir are a genius!