If you have been to the airport in the last ten years you know what a hassle getting through TSA unscathed can be. Sure they are only doing their job but come on now, why do you need to take an old man's cane? It wasn't just any old man though, the cane in question belonged to Peter Mayhew, the man behind the Chewbacca mask in the Star Wars movies, and it wasn't just any cane, it was his special light saber cane. It is as cool as it sounds. Mayhew is 7-foot-2 and 69 years old so you can imagine that getting around isn't as easy as it use to be for him, so the use of a cane is understandable. On his way through airport security in Denver, TSA security saw his cane and were afraid of it. So they took it. Now Mayhew almost immediately took to Twitter (we'll ignore the fact that a 69 year old is on Twitter, for now), posting

"Won't allow me through the airport with my cane!  Giant man need giant cane.  Small cane snap like toothpick. Besides, my light saber is just cool.  I'd miss it." 

He then continued tweeting saying "American Airlines won't let me through the airport with me cane!  Can I get a retweet?" And it appeared to work, although TSA won't admit it. After getting his cane back Mayhew tweeted again, saying "Magic words to TSA are not 'please' or 'thank you,' it's 'Twitter'.  Cane released to go home."

Now the TSA can not admit they were wrong for any reason so they released a statement saying "Because of the unusual weight of the passenger's cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor.  Less than five minutes later the passenger and cane were cleared to travel. Social media played no role in the determination."