A video out of Norway is making the rounds online right now.  A tow truck driver was pulling a tractor-trailer up a snowy mountain road, and got a little too close to the edge. The tractor trailer he was pulling slid off the road and tumbled down the mountain, pulling the tow truck along with it.

The driver, using his cat like trucker reflexes, jumps from the cab of his truck a split-second before both trucks take a swan dive off the cliff and roll to the bottom of the ravine.  Good thing he didn't have reflexes like this guy.

Perhaps just as awesome as the trucks falling is the camera work of the person filming all this.  They manage to get right up to the edge of the cliff and follow the rolling trucks all the way to the bottom - nice work!

This beats any episode of Ice Road Truckers I've ever seen.

Watch this truck driver jump out of his truck right before it goes over a cliff: