Troops First is more than just a slogan.  The initiative, spearheaded by the Pride in The Falls campaign that the Chamber of Commerce, was designed to encourage citizens to show their gratitude to our men and women in uniform by allowing them to advance to the front of the line, whether it be at a restaurant, the supermarket, etc.,.  Nearly thirty thousand military personnel make their way through Wichita Falls each year and community leaders see the Troops First initiative as a way that we all can leave those service members with a lasting, positive impression of the community.  It’s also seen as one more way to show our appreciation to the 15,000+ military personnel and their families who call Sheppard AFB and Wichita Falls home.  The idea is a simple one; the next time your in line and you see a service member in line behind you, wave them forward, shake their hand and thank them for their service to our nation.  Not only will it make them feel more appreciated, but it will make you feel good too!

Currently, Pride in the Falls is sponsoring a contest to bring more awareness to Troops First.  Visittheir Facebook page, and ‘like’ their page.  Share stories about an important military person in your life on the page in 420 characters or less – or by posting a video on the site – for the chance to win a Wichita Falls Prize Package worth $500.  You are encouraged to also include photos, especially if you have pictures of family or friends from WWI, WWII, Korean War or Vietnam War eras.  The contest ends on Sunday, September 11.  Let’s all put our Troops First.

Here’s an example of a story that has been submitted to the Troops First Facebook page: