Tressa Stoiloff (Photo by J Wood Photography)

Yes, that's right, Tressa is back!  One of the privileges of being  a HomeBrew Hunnie is getting the opportunity to come to any of the shoots as needed.  And speaking of "needed," recently we have been seeking out our Hunnies on our own and after 3 restraining orders, being tasered twice, shot at by two dads, punched by 6 insecure boyfriends and surprised by 1 man with very impressive make-up and taping skills, we've decided to go about selecting our Hunnies the easier way.  If you want to be considered to be one of our Hunnies, fill out the HomeBrew Hunnie Submission form below Tressa's pics and upload at least four photos.  You don't have to be a model, you don't have to have professional photos to submit, you just need to be a local (Texoma Area) female, 18 and older.

In the meantime, enjoy shoot #2 of Tressa Stoiloff and check out our other Hunnies here.

Tressa's clothing is from Body Central.