Guess today is Resident Evil day.  Today we've seen trailers for both the new Resident Evil video game and movie!  One is really good, the other, not so much.  Lets start on a high note, the video game.  When I first heard about a 6th installment to the Resident Evil series, it was supposed to be a reboot.  The events of "Resident Evil 5" were supposed to end the story, with the death of the running villain Albert Wesker.  Now that I've seen the trailer, and know that its not only a continuation of the story but has 3 main playable characters including Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, I'm excited. 

Now we have "Resident Evil: Retribution".  The Resident Evil film series has been a mixed bag.  I enjoyed the first two films, but I don't like how they rushed to the "zombie apocalypse" and the entire world is a zombie wasteland.  In the games, you're fighting to keep the outbreak in check.  The movies have made it a survival story to the point where I don't see how the humans can win.  Yes, that's a compelling story, but only if you have a feeling deep down that there's actually hope for the heroes.  In the new movie, we have the return of the characters Rain (Michelle Rodriquez), One, Carlos, and Luther, all characters we see die on camera in the previous films.  Even in a sci-fi/horror film like this, they have to give a good explaination as to how these characters are back or they kill the suspension of disbelief.  Right now I don't have high hopes for the movie.