Rob Zombie isn't the only rocker with a passion for horror. In fact, legendary guitarist Slash has his own production company, Slasher Films, and his debut movie is set to be released in October. The film, titled Nothing Left to Fear, follows a family who moves to Stull, Kansas, which according to urban legends is one of the gateways to hell (and that's a REAL urban legend). The family suffers a horrific series of events as one daughter begins seeing grisly vision and her younger sister is marked for an ancient ritual.

Slash has said he is a devout fan of horror films but he believes the genre needs to be shaken up, saying "It's just like anything else. You go through these periods where the money issue becomes 'Okay, we can just keep making franchises because it's a guaranteed sell.' But there's still movies in the background that are still really good, they're just fewer and farther between during this whole period. So it takes something to sort of give it a kickstart and change the genre a little bit, if only for a minute."

The film is directed by Anthony Leonardi III, who directed Slash's music video for "You're a Lie." The cast includes Anne Heche, James Tupper and Clancy Brown. And guess who composed the soundtrack? Of course it was none other than Slash, who even went as far as to record two brand new songs especially for the movie, one with vocalist Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge). The soundtrack will be available October 4 exclusively at and if you pre-order the album, you're going to get all kinds of cool bonuses including access to one-of-a-kind experiences with SLASH, as well as merchandise for the film.

Nothing Left to Fear will enjoy a limited theatrical release on October 4 before being available on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand October 8. Check out the trailer below.

But wait! Slash is busy guy so there's no way that this movie is the only thing on his plate. In fact, the last show for his Apocalyptic Love world tour will be kicking off Thursday night (July 25) in Las Vegas, and you can be there! No we aren't flying you to Vegas or anything like that; instead, Slash will stream the entire concert online at Fans can start logging on at 11 p.m. to check out the show.