I don't believe much in karma anymore, but I do believe if you behave like a jackass, bad things will happen to you, not because the earth commands it, but because you're acting stupid. Read more after the break.

Okay, when there's a giant hole in the earth, it's best to stand a ways back from it, agreed? You wouldn't pirouette on the lip of the Grand Canyon would you? Would you bungee over hot lava? Or would you stand inches away from a giant sucking blow hole? Check out this snippet of a story from MSN:

Rocco Piganelli, of La Jolla, Calif., said he stared in horror as he watched a large wave push the tourist into the hole off Nakalele Point on Saturday afternoon. The man popped up briefly with the next wave, then disappeared.

Yeah, I want to feel bad for the guy (whose body has not been found), but "you don't tug on Superman's cape". I personally am not the type to get to close to large holes and if a sign says "Gates Of Hell-Do Not Open", I generally just go on about my way.

What sucks the most is, this natural beauty will now probably get some kind of man-made fence around it. My take on it is simple, just put a sign that says, "Caution-May Swallow Jackasses".

As luck would have it, there are videos of the place all over the web most of which feature the title "The DEADLY Halona Blowhole". You'd think with "DEADLY" in the description, you'd stay a little further back.