At some point, we've all made a stupid impulse buy and gotten something that looked cool in the store, and we swore we'd use it all the time, but now it's just sitting around, collecting dust - mocking us.

Well a new survey found the average family has blown just over $1,000 on gadgets, kitchen items, and other gimmicky products they never use.

Here are the top 10 products that people regret buying the most.

  • 1

    Sleep Tracker or Monitor

    You can barely remember to brush your teeth before bed, let alone use one of these things every night.

  • 2

    Cocktail Shaker

    You thought about using it, but then you went to the bar instead.

  • 3

    Bread Machine

    Somebody once told you that making your own breading was so rewarding. Turns out no.

  • 4


    Holy crap that's a lot of work for a glass of juice.

  • 5

    Pasta-Making Set

    Yeah, let's make our own pasta! Ugh. Olive Garden anyone?

  • 6

    Digital photo frame

    Seriously, this one should be number one.

  • 7

    Fondue Set

    Fun idea, horrible pain in the rear.

  • 8

    Workout DVDs

    They're probably still in their original packaging.

  • 9

    Foot spa

    Fill it up with water, haul it into the living room - splashing water all over the place in the process - find a spot close enough to plug it in...ahhh this is nice. Never again.

  • 10

    Chocolate Fondue Fountain

    And you thought a regular fondue set was a horrible pain in the rear.