If you’ve ever been jealous of your pet and wanted to try drinking out of a toilet yourself, this is your chance! Toilet Candy is getting a lot of attention and may be the next big thing.

The product is from Japan and requires assembly. The video above goes through the process of putting the pieces together and then adding water to make your toilet get foamy. From there you’re free to drink away and enjoy your treat! The maker of the video, RRcherrypie, even went so far as to construct a little doll house for his toilet, and shows how to clean your toilet after you’re done with it.

Wondering how it tastes? The description of the video says:

(1) Product name: もこもこモコレット (コーラ味/サイダー味)
Brand: Heart (It cost 263 yen.)
(2) It is edible. I ate it.
Cider flavor. It tasted sweet and sour.
Cola flavor. It tasted like formy (sic) cola. It tasted like foamy cola.
(3) The tiny plunger is from Crysbon.
(4) The tiny cleaning spray is from RE-MENT.
(5) I made 1/12 scale dollhouse myself. (I imported the plastic bathtub and sink etc. from America.)

The product isn’t available in the U.S., but I did find another product called Sour Flush Candy that is somewhat similar, utilizing a candy plunger that you dunk into a powder.

Is this something you’d try?