Women in Arkansas may be approached by a toe-sucking assailant if they bare their feet. Police say he’s crossing the line and bordering on assault.

It started last weekend when an 83-year-old woman was sitting on her porch in front of her apartment building. The man approached her and commented on her feet, the proceeded to take off her shoe and suck on her toe. He then asked if he could kiss her, to which she resisted. When others approached the building, the man ran off.

A few days later, a woman called police to report a man she had seen at a grocery store.

He approached her and "told her he loved her toes, and they were so long and beautiful," the report said.

The man then told the woman that he had a foot fetish and that "her toes are so long and succulent" and he wanted to suck them. When the woman's cell phone rang, the man retreated.

Oddly, this isn’t the first serial toe-sucker seen in the area. In the 1990’s, a man claiming to be a podiatrist was approaching women and resorted to threats of violence. That individual served time in jail, and police are wondering if this is the same man.

Here’s the thing. Feet can be really gross. During the course of the day, I walk around my home with my shoes off, sometimes even going outside without wearing any shoes. Because of this, my feet are using the same floors that my cats have used, there may be crumbs here and there on the floor, and dirt and debris are carried in from shoes outside. Furthermore, if I am wearing shoes, my feet will sweat to some extent because, well, that’s what feet do.

If someone wanted to suck my toes, I would think of nothing but how filthy they were. Kudos to those who enjoy this activity, but I’d rather take a shower and give them a good scrubbing before someone decided to snack on them. I have one word. Yuck. Or, more specifically, that’s the only word that comes to mind that I can print on this web site.

Do you suck toes or enjoy having yours feasted on?

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