YES, I HAVE INCLUDED A LINK TO THE ACTUAL PHOTO FROM THE YEARBOOK. So if for some reason you think it’s something dirty, which it is not, then you can look away.

If you don’t know the story by now, a young girl who is a senior at Lake Norman High School in North Carolina, is in a picture in the yearbook. Along with many other seniors in the picture she’s wearing her cap and gown. The supposed offending part is where it looks as if she has lifted her gown to reveal her junk and is seductively winking at the camera.

She didn’t and she isn’t. Watch the news video and I’ll explain.

Now I’ll explain what’s actually happening. For anybody who has graduated and worn a gown, or anybody who isn’t looking to make up a story where one doesn’t exist, then you know that these gowns don’t zip from top to bottom. They usually make it to a little above the knee if they even go that low. And yes I know for sure, my dad is a professor and has his own gown that he wears many times a year for graduation ceremonies. And I’ve also graduated. High school and college. That’s at least 2 gowns for me.

So there’s part 1, the gowns don’t zip that far down. Therefore she is obviously NOT lifting her gown to reveal anything.The gown just happens to split at the bottom in the front where there isn’t a zipper holding it together.

Part 2, if you look in her hands she’s holding a magazine or a program or something similar. Not her gown or dress or any clothing at all.

For part 3 lets look at the other kids sitting around her. Yeah some are smiling and some are looking away. Probably because they’re talking to each other, or they’re happy they’re graduating, or the actual photo being taken is from another camera at another angle. Possibly somewhere to the left of the photo! Notice most of the other students are all looking in a different direction?

Plus if the lady was wearing a skirt or short dress, as many young ladies do to slightly formal occasions, then if her robe fell off her legs it would easily look like she wasn’t wearing anything, or possibly had it hiked up. Could it be possible the program she has in her hands and on her lap is obscuring her skirt? Yeah, it probably is.

Now with all the facts swirling around your brain, and not a necessity to create drama for attention or a news story, look at the uncensored photo and judge for your self.

Now you tell me, where in her hands does it look like she’s holding something other than that program? Nowhere is where. Controversy over. Leave this young lady alone, she has done nothing!