The first and only time I saw Vision Of Disorder live was at Ozzfest '97 in Dallas and going into it, I knew nothing about the band. But after their set I immediately went out and bought their self-titled debut and it remained in my CD player for the better part of six months.

The band was on the rise and at the forefront of a burgeoning metalcore genre that would essentially explode a few years later - minus V.O.D. I never could understand why they never attained the success of bands like Hatebreed and Killswitch Engage even though their debut album and it's follow-up, Imprint are heralded as two of the most important releases within the genre. Perhaps it was the fact that the band strayed from the sound of their earlier albums and went in a more accessible direction with their third album From Bliss to Devastation or maybe it's because they broke up just as metalcore was really starting to take off. I dunno, but I'm glad they're back.

And they're back in a big way. The Cursed Remain Cursed is the album the band probably should of made prior to From Bliss to Devastation to kind of ease the transition into what really wasn't a huge departure from their sound but definitely different. Don't get me wrong, the disc isn't a repeat of their earlier stuff but musically it's more akin to the first two records with a little fuller, more polished production like that of FBTD.

Frontman Tim Williams hit me up on the BuzzLine for last Saturday's (10/6) edition of The Mighty Oath to talk about the pressure of delivering the consummate V.O.D. album after being gone for years, the fact that people like myself consider the band to be one of the godfathers of metalcore and plenty more.

Tim Williams - Vision Of Disorder Interview Part I

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