O2, a mobile service provider based out of the U.K., has unveiled “Thumbells.” The move comes after research showed that users’ thumbs were tired after using their smartphone, so they wanted to come up with an easy solution. It’s time to start working out those thumbs!

According to O2:

  • Two in Five people (43%) have had thumb pain in the last 5 years
  • Over half (52%) say their thumb gets tired when they use their smartphone
  • 41% rest their thumbs when using their mobiles
  • O2 pilots ‘Thumbells’ and a fitness regime designed by top hand specialist Nicola Goldsmith to get customers ready for 4G

Nicola Goldsmith says:

The thumb is being used more than ever for rapid, fine movements. We are seeing gadget related injuries increasing and it’s time we gave our digits a helping hand. The Thumbells provide a fun way for getting us to focus on thumb protection and the O2 ‘fit for 4G’ video class and top tips will hopefully help you to prepare your thumbs for the speed of 4G.

The mobile company is serious about getting your thumbs into shape for their 4G network, offering up several videos about hand stretching and working your fingers. Will it actually help with thumb fatigue? Maybe, but you’re more likely to be entertained by the concept of having Thumbells instead of actually using them. They may make a great birthday or holiday gift!