The Black Dahlia Murder have come a long way since their full-length debut Unhallowed. Not that they've changed a whole lot, they've just really come into their own and defined their "sound".

The new album Ritual further expands their sound and incorporates some new, more atmospheric elements compliments of the songwriting of Ryan Knight. Founding guitarist Brian Eschbach is definitely no slouch when it comes to songwriting, especially considering he's done the lion's share of the writing in the past but Knight's input has proven to be a breath of fresh air for the band.

A perfect example of the band's expanded horizons is "Moonlight Equilibrium". The track incorporates what I would consider the prototypical BDM riff as the backbone of the song accompanied by a very atmospheric chorus riff that totally sets the song off (not coincidentally this song was written by Knight). Other highlights on the album are "Malenchantments of the Necrosphere" and "The Grave Robber's Work". This album, like most from the band, is a great listen front-to-back.

Ritual is out now on Metal Blade Records.