Aside from the fact that Revocation can now add "One of the Most Metal Album Covers of All Time" to their list of accomplishments, the new album Chaos Of Forms more than delivers when it comes to quality, well thought-out metal.

I love heady music so it only makes sense that Revocation would turn out to be one of my absolute favorite new bands. They impressed the hell out of me when they came through the Falls just over a year ago with their live show so I picked up their last CD Existence Is Futile and it immediately consumed me with their near-perfect blend of thrash, death and prog metal.

It's not very often that you come across a band that establishes their own sound right out of the box and that's exactly what Revocation did. With most bands, I can pick out parts in songs and identify them as the "Slayer part", "Neurosis part", etc. but that's not so much the case with Revocation. They site a lot of influences but none really stand out to me and that's what makes this band so special.

Chaos Of Forms sees the band continuing to evolve their sound yet staying true to their extreme nature while introducing a few more progressive elements to their repertoire. They even experiment with horns...something that typically doesn't work with metal but they manage to do it without sounding awkward. Admittedly, the horns in "The Watchers" kinda caught me off guard at first but I tend not to even notice as I listen to the album now...they really just flow right along with the song.

If you're looking for an album full of tight syncopated rhythms, brutal blasting and plenty of spacious atmosphere to set the whole damn thing off then Chaos Of Forms is just what the doctor ordered. Put it on, spark it up, crack a cold one and enjoy some of the most forward thinking metal your ears will ever be treated to.

Chaos Of Forms is out now on Relapse Records.