Man I'm diggin' the resurrection of traditional metal...particularly the stuff that's coming out of Sweden these days. In Solitude is the latest band brewing up some old-school metal to bust out of Scandinavia and they're worthy of every bit of praise that's been heaped on them - and that's why they're my metal pick of the week.

According to their Facebook page, In Solitude formed in 2002 (under an Uppsala Moon???) and after a few lineup changes, they seemed to have found the right chemistry. One part NWOBHM, one part Mercyful Fate and a whole bunch of ass-kicking riffing and harmony is the best way I would describe the band.

Deep, dark and inviting, The World.The Flesh.The Devil takes the listener down a path of psychedelia that, while not exactly the most original thing I've ever heard (I say this of every band busting out traditional metal these days), is catchy as hell and refreshing in a world full of breakdowns, blastbeats and screaming dudes with absolutely no sense of vocal hook.

In Solitude's one of those bands that has plenty of mass appeal yet will most certainly remain underground as something so Satanic is supposed to. Their music is sure to captivate the gray-bearded stoners and the headiest young headbangers but don't expect fans of the oh-so-evil Marilyn Manson to be impressed or shocked by this band. The shock value is in the deep meaning of the lyrics and the calm, inviting delivery of their dark message in tunes like "Dance of the Adversary" and "Serpents are Rising".

Grab a cold one, top it off with a shot of whiskey and experience an album that reminds me of a time when 501 jeans, Nike hi-tops and blue jean jackets were what we wore because that was the style made readily available to broke-ass kids working at fast food joints, not because we had tons of money to spend on eBay in a tongue-in-cheek attempt to draw attention to ourselves.

I believe The World.The Flesh.The Devil is only a snippet of what In Solitude are capable of doing and I fully expect the band to come into their own over the next couple of albums.

The World.The Flesh.The Devil is out now on Metal Blade Records. Don't be a it.

Listen to In Solitude's title track for the new album "The World. The Flesh. The Devil" below:

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