At long last, Exhumed have once again unleashed their brand of Carcass worship upon the black t-shirt sportin', bong-rippin', beer drinkin' masses with the release of All Guts, No Glory.

It's 10 a.m. as I write this and I'm already tempted to head to the fridge and crack open a pint of goodness as the sounds of the crown princes of gore metal emanate from my speakers but I must show some restraint as today is gonna be a long one.

Enough about my love for golden American goodness brothers and sisters...Exhumed is back! It's been eight years since the band released Anatomy Is Destiny and I think the break did 'em some good. That's not to say Anatomy Is Destiny was bad by any just didn't grab me the way Slaughtercult or Gore Metal did. I thought the production was great on Anatomy Is Destiny, it's just that the album didn't have a tune that stood out as much as the likes of "Open the Abscess" or "Decrepit Crescendo".

Well my friends, All Guts, No Glory delivers big time when it comes to memorable tunes. Like Anatomy Is Destiny, the album opens with the short instrumental title track that leads up to "As Hammer to Anvil"...the perfect choice as the album's first full track. The tune features Exhumed's signature style of noodle-y riffs blended with straight-forward chug and a brutal wall of blast beats. I'm also partial to "I Rot Within" and "Through Cadaver Eyes"...both tracks that are bound to be staples of Exhumed's set for years to come but as always, my metal picks are albums best experienced front-to-back.

I've always loved Matt Harvey's painful vocal style but was a little apprehensive when I found out Mike Beams wasn't gonna be around for the reunion to compliment Matt with his incredibly low guttural vocals but Leon del Muerte stepped in and filled those shoes just fine.

The bottom line is that Exhumed are back with an album that sounds as ferocious and hungry as their near perfect debut Gore Metal and if you're a fan of true death metal and you don't own All Guts, No Glory you are truly missing out on one of the year's best metal records.

All Guts, No Glory is out now on Relapse Records.