Admittedly, I was a latecomer to Pentagram...I first heard the band back in 2002 when Relapse Records released First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection) and instantly started picking up anything I could get my hands on (which wasn't an easy task as their stuff was hard to find and expensive when you did come across something). Fast-forward to 2005 when Peaceville reissued Relentless, Day Of Reckoning and Be Forewarned and it was officially on.

Finally in 2011, Last Rites arrives and we have something new from the band. Needless to say I was licking my chops in anticipation of this record. I love old school doom and this band is the embodiment of just that. The album is everything you would expect from Pentagram...driving heavy riffs coupled with Bobby Liebling's distinct vocal style that mark the signature sound of the band. Marijuana and bong not included.