Varg Vikernes. Quite possibly the most polarizing figure in extreme music today. White supremacist, arsonist...murderer. It is what it is and there's no way around it but the fact of the matter is the man writes some of the catchiest black metal you will ever hear. Fallen took me a couple of listens to really "get" and while admittedly I've always approached Burzum with a bit of apprehension, I've found that I honestly dig this album. Fallen is chock full of classic black metal riffs held together by beats from a very basic drum machine that marks the signature sound of Burzum but make no mistake about it - this album is very experimental and one that many fans will have to get used to. Nonetheless, I think it serves as a fitting chapter in the chaotic history of Burzum. "Jeg Faller", "Valen" and "Budstikken" are the tracks that stick out most to me but this album is definitely one you want to put in and experience front to back.