This band is good. So good. I guess you can call it black metal but there's so much going on within their music that I just damn near have to say this band is their own genre.

Tombs are the type of band that gets respect from everyone in the underground because their music is so well thought out and forward thinking while paying homage to the bands that influenced them. No need to hide your influences...wear them on your sleeve. That's not to say that Tombs sound like anyone else because they truly have their own thing going on.

I absolutely love the drums on Path Of Totality. Andrew Hernandez is one of those drummers that just pounds that kick drum like a dude beating somebody's ass. He works his entire kit with mastery but his use of the kick provides an excellent accent to what's going on with the guitars.

Speaking of guitars, Mike Hill does an excellent job of creating a bleak, hopeless yet angry atmosphere with wide open riffs and plenty of sludge-tastic chug to make your balls drop.

Tombs are hardcore enough to kick your ass yet heady enough to school you in music theory and that formula wins every time with me. The title track is, in my opinion, the best tune on an album full of ass-kickers. Pick up this album if you like your metal cold, dark and heavy.

Path Of Totality is out now on Relapse Records.