It's not often that you get to talk to someone whose posters adorned your walls during your adolescence so needless to say I was extremely stoked to be interviewing Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser last week.

We touched on the concept of the new album Kairos as well as their new deal with Nuclear Blast Records, working with producer Roy Z, touring and of course I beat the dead horse that is the nagging calls from fans to reunite with original members Max and Igor Cavalera.

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about asking him what he had to say to everyone who keeps calling for the original lineup to get back together but I mean c''s only one of the hottest subjects in metal right now. Nonetheless, Andreas took it like a pro as I'm sure he expects to be asked that in pretty much every interview these days.

Kairos is a pretty damn good metal album and probably Sepultura's best since the brothers left the band. Pick it up now on Nuclear Blast Records.