If you liked Jack Black's School of Rock, then you are going to love this.

A video has popped up on YouTube featuring a bunch of kids performing Tool's "46 and 2." The kids are all part of what may be the coolest music class in the all of Ohio, if not the entire nation. The performance was supervised by music teacher Aaron O'Keefe, who's no stranger to having his kids cover rock songs. Back in 2009 his class covered Down's "Ghosts Along the Mississippi," and a year later the class did Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell," both of which were posted to the bands' official websites.

You can check out O'Keefe's YouTube page which features hundreds of these cover songs, all performed by his music students, ranging from Iron Maiden to Red Hot Chili Peppers and even some Michael Buble, if you're into that stuff.

Now we may not have had any new music from Tool in a while, not since 2006's 10,000 Days if you want to be exact, but hopefully this can tide you over until the band can get the new music out, which according to a singer Maynard James Keenan may be coming sooner than we can imagine thanks to a little Instagram message he sent out earlier this month that read "For my 666th IG photo, I'd just like to say... Music is happening on ALL fronts. Always. . . . #tool2014 @aperfectcircle @tool @puscifer."

Meanwhile, the band has supposedly been working on new music off and on the past year and drummer Danny Carey told Loudwire that Keenan had not yet started working with the rest of the group, saying, "It's still the three of us right now and four of us it will be soon." That statement was made back in July and anything could happen within a couple months.

So until we have any new news from Tool, keep yourself busy with these kids' YouTube video which is simply amazing. I've posted two videos below, but be sure to check YouTube to see if they've covered your favorite yet.