As a Dallas Mavericks fan I am not a fan of the Miami Heat, but you got to have respect for this lady.

Many people, including myself, have called the Miami Heat fan base a bunch of bandwagon fans. I never met a Miami Heat fan in my life, then they beat the Mavericks that first time, all of the sudden people become Heat Fans. I have never understood this fascination with people jumping around and having a new favorite team every year. I will only root for the Orioles, Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars. If you ever see me rooting for someone besides them, an alien has taken over my body and you should kill them immediately.

Well the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference Finals right now against the Indiana Pacers. Some kid decided to film his grandmas reaction to the game. She is definitely the most passionate Heat fan I have ever met. She reacts a lot like me during a game, I just drop a lot more f-bombs.

Check Out Heat Fan Grandma Below: