A man in Florida apparently likes a clean rectal cavity, but he doesn’t like to pay for it. A Jacksonville man is being accused of purchasing enemas, using them, and then returning them to the store that he bought them.

Employees got suspicious when they saw a man returning the enemas, but it wasn’t the first time he’d returned the same item. The boxes were checked out, and the employee found the items to be filled with fluid, but the boxes had in fact been glued shut to appear as though they hadn’t been tampered with.

Worse, it had been done to three boxes and they were on the shelf for sale.

The store decided to leave the matter alone and not contact authorities, but when the customer again brought back enemas for a refund, that’s when cops got involved. The customer was told they would not refund his money and take back used items, and the offending items were then sent to the Florida Department of Health for testing.

And what did they find? Fecal matter.

It seems this guy likes feeling fresh. Employees found 3 boxes on the shelf and the customer was trying to return a fourth, so clearly he likes the result, just not the cost. Professionals say that colon cleansing is a personal decision and many will benefit by doing it once a month, but there’s no time frame given for the customer with the dirty goods.

For now the guy has been identified and arrested on an outstanding warrant, but there’s no word as to what the charges will be. If you could name it, what would that charge be?

Watch a news report about the butt bandit that returned used enemas:

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