I love Girl Scout cookie time. Just yesterday my husband and I were discussing whether or not Girl Scouts would be set up at United this weekend selling cookies. I love all of the flavors they carry, but Thin Mints are my favorite. Oh, yum.

When we have Thin Mints in the house, it's almost come to a point where we need to open the box and divide up the treats for me, my husband, and my son. Otherwise, I sulk on the couch wondering if someone got more than me. I'm not the only one, they do it, too. Chances are that you, dear reader, wonder about your own cookies and who's been eating them.

For Hersha Howard, she knew who ate her Thin Mints. When she discovered hers were gone, her roommate said she'd given the cookies to Howard's kids who had been hungry. The roommate then offered to pay $10 for said box, but that wasn't good enough for Howard, who began fighting the other woman.

The brawl began when the 31-year-old cookie monster confronted her sleeping roommate and accused her of eating the box of treats, police said. The roommate told Howard she'd given the cookies to Howard's kids, who were awake and hungry around 1 a.m. According to a police report, Howard grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened the woman. When the woman started to run down some stairs, Howard allegedly dropped the scissors, picked up a board and hit the woman as she ran down the stairs.Howard caught up to the woman again and knocked her to the ground and started to hit her. When the roommate managed to get outside the house, Howard grabbed a sign and started hitting her again, police said.

Howard has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It leaves me to wonder... was it really worth that $4 box of cookies?

Yes, folks, I love me some cookies. But I also love being home at night rather than a jail cell.

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