I really wasn't expecting to watch a midget sorceress receive some slime-thing via mouth-to-mouth from a dude buried in dirt when I sat down with The Sword's new video for 'Cloak of Feathers'. But hey - I'd be highly disappointed if the boys from Austin gave us anything less than a video that is probably best consumed when in an altered state of mind. So next time you take a few bong rips get a break at work, I advise you spend a few minutes with it.

The story follows a cool-lookin' dude who starts out buried in dirt until he passes the slime-thing off and then manages to get back on his feet for a short-lived journey involving witches and the return of that damn slime-thing. But the video isn't remiss of the performance aspect. About half of the video is footage of the guys jammin' it out in all of their psychedelic glory.

The Sword are playing Friday, May 24 at Rocklahoma in Pryor and if you're signed up as a BuzzHead, it just so happens you can win a three day pass to the festival right here.

'Cloak of Feathers' appears on The Sword's latest offering, Apocryphon.