The Westboro Baptist Church are nothing but hate mongers who picket the funerals of famous people and fallen soldiers merely for the media attention.  In a news release titled, "Ryan Dunn Is In Hell!", the WBC says that God struck Dunn down in his prime as a result of his perverse behavior on "Jackass".  Tweets from friends and family of Dunn were also mentioned in the release, saying they should have warned Dunn about God's wrath.

The WBC has said they will picket any public memorial for Ryan Dunn.  A private memorial was held near his home in West Chester, PA, with a funeral and public memorial set for Dunn's hometown in Ohio.

Personally, I'd love for them to try to picket Dunn's memorial service.  Just piss off the guys from "Jackass" in a time like this and see what happens.

via The Huffington Post (includes copy of the original press release)