After a week off to tend my wounds from all my friends who lost money because they actually read my playoff predictions I am back and ready to choose who will win Super Bowl 47. I have decided to let a celebrity guest make my Super Bowl pick for me. Unfortunately after all my calls to Kevin Smith and Conan O'Brien went unanswered I had to settle for what might be the cutest porcupine the world has ever seen. Meet Teddy Bear, the worlds first talking porcupine. Teddy, who also shares the name of one of my favorite U.S. Presidents, has a knack for making cute little YouTube videos. Including a yearly video where he chooses who is gonna win the big game. Last year he correctly predicted the New York FOOTBALL Giants to defeat Tom "these Ugg's can be for guys too" Brady and the New England Patriots. Can Teddy do it again? My guess is Hell to the Yeah! This is a plan that is sure to go my way.... at this point he cant be more wrong. Check out the Video below to see is teddy Bear( and The Ripper) Got it RIGHT!