It was this day in history in 1897 that Jell-O gelatin was introduced. In celebration of this day, it only seems fitting to talk about this amazing product. On The Office, Jim is always playing pranks on Dwight. One such prank was putting Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O, but it’s not as easy to do as you might think. There’s a specific ratio of ingredients you need to use in order to make it firm, lasting, and clear enough to see through. This video will take you through the steps so that you, too, can irritate your colleagues with this prank.

On The Office, Jim used lemon Jell-O for his prank, whereas this video uses strawberry. Personally I prefer the lemon because it’s a lighter color and I believe it would give a much better effect. I suppose that either way you’ll be pissing someone off so it really doesn’t matter.

That also begs the question, would those in your office be receptive to this prank? It’s possible that encasing office equipment could potentially damage the goods, so if it’s an expensive stapler, you may be better off hiding the original and using a stand-in. It would be a shame to pull this on the office snob, only to have him or her run to human resources and gripe about you damaging company property.

I’ve always wanted to do this one. I wonder… would Johnny Thrash appreciate his stapler in Jell-O?