Here’s the situation, the Syrian government is cracking down on protests by killing a lot of people.  Protestors, doctors, kids, it doesn’t matter, if you are perceived as anti-government or are somehow in the way, they may snuff you out.  This is at least how the situation is being presented to the West.  On the other side of the coin, China & Russia think that Syria should be able to crack down on protestors to “keep the peace” (or keep the current government).  That, in a nutshell is what is going on.  More after the jump.

Now, as usual, the world looks to the U.S. to step up “in the name of freedom” and/or democracy.  The problem is, we just finished two unpopular wars with negligible results.  In those wars everybody was screaming “come help” until we got there, then they got butt hurt that they couldn’t do it themselves and told us to “go home”.  So, the end result is we’ve almost driven ourselves to bankruptcy fighting other peoples battles and thousands of our soldiers lives were lost.

So here’s the question, why should we help? If these people want change, shouldn’t they be willing to make the sacrifices themselves?  If they aren’t prepared to sacrifice themselves, then why should we?  Yes this is a little callous, but during Christmas season you only donate or help so many charities…you can’t help them all.  We cannot fight every fight.  We’ve given the people of the middle east a giant head start on freedom and it has cost us dearly.  It’s time for them to take off their skirts and fight their own battles.

Keep our troops at home.  Rebuild the infrastructure and defense of America, and when we are on SOLID footing, we can once again lend a helping hand.

The video below is hard to watch. It’s also hard to ignore the pleas of children for help, but we can’t fight every battle.