Can a small town like Wichita Falls, Texas have a local metal band worth seeing and listening to?  The answer, of course, is YES!  The Minor Prophets have seen that question quickly answered and are trying even quicker to get out of the Falls! (For world music domination of course with nothing against Wichita Falls I'm sure.  So un-wad your panties and keep reading.)

I had the privilege of having The Minor Prophets, all but one: John Mason, on my very first episode of 'HomeBrew.'  And yes, this post is a little late, and that is definitely my bad, but I had to see them in concert before I could write my full honest blog.  These guys boasted high energy, a unique & new sound with a melodic lead singer that can guide their musical note direction down the path of awesomeness...and they delivered!  The Minor Prophets is made up of Mike Hardison on drums and vocals, John Mason on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Leach on lead guitar and Joe Edmonds on bass and vocals.  Their talent, skill and vision work well in combination to provide a different sound to every song versus the same riffs with only different lyrics.

Inside the Buzz studio for the Homebrew interview, everyone was able to make it but Mason, apparantly due to some 'blue waffle' he ate (***I was told to not google it or I'd be sick.'ve been warned***) but Leach, Mike and JJ did a great job of getting us informed on their new music:  a full-length CD with 13 songs, that is coming out soon and is currently be finished up in production.  The Minor Prophets is hosting a CD release for their new album at the Iron Horse Pub on June 17th, 2011 (be there, I will).  I also found out that they apparently have hobbies that pay the bills and are focused full-time musicians...I can buy that.  They played 'Oscar' and 'Reach In' for us, giving us a hint of their awesome sound and energy.  Look for a link on our website in the next week or so for you to listen in on the HomeBrew interview that you may have missed or that you just want to hear again.

The Minor Prophets are to be taken seriously, played loud and seen live.  They worked the crowd and riffed away at the Neon Spur last Friday when they opened for Drowning Pool.  If you missed them, they will be playing with Vallejo in San Angelo, Tx at the Deadhorse or if you bought a gas-guzzeling-monthly-gas-costs-are-higher-than-the-car-payment vehicle and can't make the drive, check youtube for more videos like this:

And don't forget to be at their CD release at the Iron Horse Pub on June 17th, 2011.  Keep your eyes and especially your ears peeled for these guys and get ready for them to take off!

They can be found Here:

Soon to be found on iTunes!